Certified Soapmaker

Teresa Gregory, co-owner of Daily Blessings Farm and formulator for Heart of Eden Natural Products became a certified soapmaker in May 2011- Certified at the Basic and Advanced levels of Cold-process/Hot-process and Melt & Pour (glycerin) soap.

The Certification is through the Handcrafted Soapmaker's Guild- an international organization for soapmakers.

So what does this mean for you?

To earn the Advanced Certification Level the soapmaker must submit 2 samples which have been formulated by them and can not be from another source. One sample is tested for its pH, hardness, lather, and more. The other sample is examined for labeling accuracy which includes proper ingredient listing. Paperwork is also submitted.

By meeting these requirements, you can be assured that the soap you are purchasing for yourself or others is of a high quality, and meets labeling requirement laws (which is very important for our wholesale customers).

Remember:  Not all handcrafted soap is created equally. Choose the best from Heart of Eden by Daily Blessings Farm, LLC.

Certified Soapmaker Certificates
Cold-process/Hot process Basic Soapmaker Certificate COLD-PROCESS/ HOT-PROCESS BASIC SOAPMAKER
Cold-Process/Hot-process soapmaker certificate COLD-PROCESS/ HOT-PROCESS ADVANCED SOAPMAKER
Melt & Pour Basic Certificate MELT & POUR (GLYCERIN) BASIC SOAPMAKER
Melt & Pour Soapmaker Certificate MELT & POUR (GLYCERIN) BASIC SOAPMAKER