Heart of Eden's Pampered Angel Natural Baby Care- Angel Powder


Heart of Eden's Pampered Angel ™ Natural Baby Care is the only way to pamper your Little Angel. Don't let the name fool you. Adults love this, too. After all, there is a little angel in all of us. We have chosen quality oils and botanicals, many of which are organic, in creating this line. Perfect for sensitive skin or anyone who wants a little pampering.

We can personalize the label with a picture of your Little Angel. Contact us for details.

Angel Powder is talc-free. Studies have shown that talc may clog bronchial tubes in the lungs and may cause nasal irritation from inhalation. Now, that's no way to pamper your little one! Angel Powder is made from natural plant ingredients and kaolin and is mildly scented with pure essential oils- of course we offer unscented as well. Apply liberally to diaper area, in creases of skin, etc. to absorb, cool, and soothe tender skin. CAUTION- never direct any powder towards facial area.

Don't limit Angel Powder just to babies and children. Adults enjoy it, too!

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