Generations Hand & Body Lotion, 4 oz.


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Generations was designed and formulated for the special needs of men. Most men are rugged by nature, and their skin needs are different from most women. With Generations, a man can nourish and protect his skin throughout the various stages of his life. With all the demands and challenges that most men face, isn't it comforting to know that with Generations, he has one less decision to make?

Generations Hand & Body Lotion is formulated with men in mind. Our unique formulation of oils combined with the goodness of goat milk create a non-greasy lotion that any man will appreciate.

Our malibu bottles are easy to dispense and carry in your vehicle or pocket.

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 We are adding more scent choices to our men's line. Please check back often for updates.



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Packaged in a handy malibu tube.

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