Nature's Lamp Soy Candles Instructions

Nature’s Lamp

*The first time you burn your soy candle you should allow a full melt pool to develop.  The melt pool (the liquid wax that forms as the candle burns) should extend over (or nearly over) the entire top and should be about 1/4" deep.  A general rule of thumb is to burn the candle approximately 1 hour for each inch in diameter.  For our Bail Jar Candles, this is about 4 hours.  Soy wax has a memory which means that when it is relit, it will first melt out to the edge of the melt pool and then down.  A good melt pool during the first burn will mean all the wax (from side to side) will burn away and you will reduce the ‘tunneling’ effect.    

    * Only burn your soy candles in areas free from drafts.

    * To prevent color fading, soy candles should not be left in direct sunlight.  

    * Do not place your soy candles next to each other. Allow enough space (6") between the candles.

    * Allow candle to cool and harden before relighting.

    * To extinguish a soy candle don’t blow it out - use a special wick dipper. This will avoid the formation of smoke. Use the end of a wick dipper to push the wick into the pool of wax and pull the wick up.  This will extinguish your candle without smoke and primes the wick for the next lighting.




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