Nature's Spa Soap- made with Mineral-Rich Dead Sea Salt and Goat Milk, Herbal Help

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Herbal Help

Nature's Spa Luxury Bath Soaps are formulated with natural oils and mineral-rich dead sea salt. A high percentage of Coconut Oil, as well as Mowrah & Kpangnan Butters, make this a creamy, rich bar of soap. Each is scented with pure essential oils, and most contain herbs.

The Dead Sea is world reknown for its believed healing properties and has become a popular place for those with skin disorders, or those who just want to relax. With Nature's Spa, you will have your own piece of the Dead Sea in the privacy of your home 24/7.

Herbal Help is scented with Tea Tree and Lavender Oils. Calendula and Comfrey leaf herbs are added for their believed therapeutic benefits. The soap is colored with Turmeric. Natural colors may vary with each lot. Your actual soap color may vary from those pictured.

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$8.00 each

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Each bar is packaged in a clear vinyl drawstring bag. A must-have for anyone.

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