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SAF Instant Yeast

saf instant yeast

This popular fast-acting, high-quality French bakers yeast is conveniently packaged so you can portion out exactly the amount you need. Each one pound package of yeast can be used in bread machines or for conventional baking. Keeps for two years unopened, six months opened and refrigerated. $4.50
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Dough Enhancer

dough enhancer

Whole wheat is full of all the great nutrition from bran, shorts and middlings, wheat germ, etc.But, those nutrition-laden items tend to make 100% whole wheat bread heavy and dense.
Also, although the bread is great while it is hot, very often it is dry and crumbly the next day.(Do your sandwiches break apart and/or crumble; or, can you wrap a slice of bread around a hot dog?)
Another problem often found with whole wheat bread is unsightly "shoulders". (This is caused when the sides of the bread "droop" over the tops of the pans during baking.)
SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS with Kitchen Specialties Dough Enhancer. Our Dough Enhancer is a scientific combination of lecithin, vitamin C, and herbs in a whey base. For years bread makers have used these same ingredients to attempt to make their whole wheat bread higher and lighter. Now, the synergism of these ingredients in our Dough Enhancer is many times more effective than using them individually or in part. For each loaf of bread in your recipe just add 2 teaspoons of the Kitchen Specialties Dough Enhancer. Available in 1 lb. cans
Vital Wheat Gluten

vital wheat gluten


If your bread is heavy and dense (door stop/lead bread) it may be because your flour (or wheat) is not high enough in the gluten forming protein. If your flour is suspect, add Vital Wheat Gluten to your bread and roll recipes. Add Vital Wheat Gluten to your bread machine recipes to ensure high, light loaves, especially at altitudes higher than sea level it is a helpful addition. $6.50
Rumford Baking Powder, 10 oz.

rumford baking powder

Rumford Baking Powder contains no aluminum. It is a double acting baking powder that meets all of your baking needs. Use in cakes, cookies, non-yeasted breads & more.



Bread Bags
100 Ct.

Our bread bags are made with 2 mil. clear food-grade plastic.  This extra strength will help your bread stay fresher longer.  Dimensions are 6x3x15 and will hold a standard size loaf. $7.50