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Bosch Universal Bowl Pack Complete

bosch universal bowl pack complete
SALE!! BOWL PACK complete with white bowl, drive shaft, spur gear column, dough hook, whips, whip drive, and splash rings.
THE BOWL PACK fits the UM3 and MUM6 Bosch Universal Kitchen machines. As stated above, it includes French Whisks and whip drive as well as dough hook, splash ring and inner splash ring.


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Bosch Universal Batter Whisks
(1 pair)

bosch universal batter whips
Batter WHISKS are for mixing slightly heavier pourable batters and light doughs.


Bosch Universal French Wire Whips
(1 pair)

bosch universal french wire whips
Wire French Whisks are used for beating eggs and light, pourable batters. A pair comes with your BOSCH when you buy it


Bosch Universal Stainless Steel Bowl Pack

bosch universal stainless steel bowl pack
The Stainless Steel Bowl does not have the column in the center of the bowl, so there are no whips with it. The Dough Hook drives from the bottom of the bowl. Capacity is a little larger due to the absence of the column.

Bosch Universal Food Processor Attachment

bosch universal food processor attachment
The Food Processor Attachment has the traditional food processor knife blade in the bottom of the bowl for chopping and mixing. Also included are 3 disks used at the top of the bowl: slicing (reversible thick & thin), shredding and grating (reversible fine & coarse, and potato grating. Fits on the high-speed drive as shown.

Bosch Universal Fruit & Berry Press

bosch universal fruit and berry press
For the freshest Juices and sauces from all soft fruits. Attaches to the food and meat grinder. A cone-type press for berries, apples, pears, tomatoes, etc.

Bosch Universal Cookie Paddles

bosch universal cookie paddle
NEW COOKIE PADDLES!! Heavy duty beaters for the Bosch Universal Wire Whip drive. In tests we did hard butter and creamed it beautifully. We took cookies from start to finish with these new paddles. You will find many uses for these durable paddles.

Bosch Universal Meat Grinder

bosch universal meat grinder
The Meat Grinder Attachment allows you to grind and mince fresh meats, stuffings, and virtually all foods into any desired consistency. Comes with a 4.5 mm disk for general use. Other sizes are available. The meat grinder is also the basic attachment for other optional accessories: Fruit & Berry Press, Grater for nuts & hard cheeses, Sausage Stuffer, Cookie & Pastry Press, and a Pasta Maker Attachment.

Bosch Universal Pasta/Noodle Attachment
bosch universal pasta maker

Lets you make 10 different shapes of pasta. Attaches to the food and meat grinder.

Bosch Universal Slicer/Shredder Attachments

bosch universal slicer/shredder attachment
The slicer/shredder cuts produce right into the medium capacity bowl. Comes with 3 disks: Shredding/Grating (reversible coarse & fine, slicing (reversible thick & thin), and french fry. Other blades are also available: the rasping (potato) blade and the Julienne blade.



Bosch Universal Citrus Juicer Attachment

bosch universal citrus juicer attachment
The Citrus Juicer Attachment is designed to easily juice lemons, oranges, grapefruit and large limes. The powerful motor takes all the hard work out of these fresh juices.


Bosch Universal Blender, Complete

Fits the Universal or the older UM-3 Standard mixer. 6 cup capacity. Designed to pulverize, puree, mix, blend and crumb. Makes marvelous beverages, soups, sauces, fresh nut butters, baby foods and sandwich spreads.