Zojirushi Home Bakery

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Zojirushi Home Baker for Breadmaking and moreFor not just good, but great bread making, this is the bread machine to meet your high requirements. It makes a high, light 100% whole wheat loaf as well as crusty white bread. The two-pound loaves are perfect for sandwiches, toast or just plain eating.  Makes the traditional loaf-style bread instead of the tall loaf. Use the dough cycle and make crisp pizza crust, light dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, hoagie buns. etc. You are only limited by your imagination. Old world style breads are easy in this machine. The Zojirushi also makes absolutely delicious low sugar jams, great cakes and has an optional Home Menu Cycle so you can add your favorite recipe to the menu.

A time-delay option allows for preparation when you are not as busy, and yet, have it hot and fresh-baked when you want it.  Try adding ingredients for a breakfast bread the night before.  Program it to be done when you awaken.  CAUTION:  DO NOT USE EGGS, MEAT, OR MILK INGREDIENTS when using delayed timer.

We make a mean meatloaf in this.  In the south, our summers are HOT.  No need to use the oven and heat the whole house.  Just add ingredients, program it, and walk away.  Enjoy your hot meal in a cool house.


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