Grain Mills

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nutrimill electric grain mill THE NEW AND IMPROVED-- NUTRIMILL is faster than the previous model, and grinds at a cooler temperature than the previous model. It has been well worth the wait! We are currently taking pre-order. This is the mill we've been waiting for. With over a 20-cup bowl capacity and one to one milling ratio, this powerful mill is the fastest, strongest and quietest mill on the market. The trade-marked 3xAirFlow allows improved motor cooling and a longer mill life. The variable high-speed mill motor is a first in the industry. You get a true difference between fine and coarse flours, nearly an incredible 400% improvement. It will mill all grains and beans cleaner and quieter than you ever thought possible. (It has nearly 50% less noise.) It carries a limited lifetime warranty. And, watch for our state of the art cracker/roller. Then, we expect a low speed/hand-grinding module.

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Family Grain Mill

family grain mill, hand millFAMILY HAND GRAIN MILL The best hand mill on the market for grinding all of your grains. Texture of flour adjusts from very coarse to very fine. And, texture control easiest to adjust. Hand base attaches to counter top.


Family Flake Mill

Family Flake Mill With Hand Base This Flake Mill will quickly roll oat groats into fresh rolled oats. It will also roll soft wheat into wheat flakes. You can use it to roll other soft grains into flakes for cereals or to use in baking. You can really taste the difference in freshness when you roll your own grains. This unit is very durable & is easy to use. Use it on the Family grain mill hand base.